Corporate world
a communication skills workshop for businesses and institutions

    The amateur tells the word
    the professional tells the story
    but the artist tells the listener!

    (origin uncertain)

Communication skills are a key element of successful commercial and managerial development.

Good communication means developing listening skills, because a listener understands:
  • Listening to the concerns of others in the company (not just directing)
  • Listening to the concerns of customers (not just advertising)

Good communication means developing interactive skills, so others understand you:
  • understand your perspective within the organisation
  • understand what you have to offer

Good communication means developing para-language:
  • how to use your body language
  • how to use the tonal range of your voice

Yet many people are unaware of the inter-personal, commercial and managerial importance of these factors.
And communication skills are often neglected in company training.

Who needs these workshops

  • Managers
  • Organisations
  • Teachers
  • Anyone who needs to communicate

What happens in the workshops

In varied activities - in small and large groups - participants learn from the art of storytelling how to increase the sensitivity and efficiency of their own communication skills.


The workshops are conducted in English or German.

Group size

The minimum number of participants is around ten.
The maximum number is more flexible. I have often led workshops of over 60 participants: due to the many partner- and small-group phases, this is quite feasible.

Workshop length

Workshops can be of any length (although half a day is the recommended minimum) and for any number of participants.

Recent clients

Richard Martin, whose work as a storyteller, seminar leader, teacher and voice-over speaker is based on being an expert in all communication skills, offers workshops which increase awareness of these aspects.

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