The Strongest of Them All

Jack is cold - no wood for his fire.

Takes axe and goes to look for a tree.

Ice on ground.

Sees tree - smiles "I'm stronger than you".

Swings axe - but slips on ice - bangs head.

"Ice, you're strong - but sun is stronger - when he comes, you go away."

"Sun, you're strong - but cloud stronger."

"Cloud - wind stronger."

"Wind - mountain stronger."

"Mountain - tree is stronger (tree can grow on mountain but mountain can't grow on tree!)"

"Tree - I'm stronger - got my axe!"

Swings axe - but slips on ice - bangs head.

Watch this tale being told in a teacher-training workshop at Karlsruhe University of Education

I heard this tale as Jack Turnip from UK teller, Hugh Lupton.
It is now one of my favourites as a participation story with young learners and is the title story on the teaching video The Strongest of Them All.

Children in the story
Telling the story in Singapore.

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