The Shitting Donkey

This tale of how Jack managed to trick his landlord out of the rent was made popular by, amongst others, Scottish traveller storyteller Duncan Williamson.
The recording is from my 2014 performance at the Gostner Theater, Nuremberg. Recording conditions were far from ideal, with the camera far away and blinded by the stage lights. But here is an extract featuring the eponymous donkey.

I was given the tale many years ago by Allan Davies, then a member of Storytell.
Italo Calvino's notes to his version, "The Story of Campriano" (Italian Folktales, p. 298), attest to its popularity throughout Italy.
Jack's final trick is the macabre motif used in The Flute which Raised the Dead, a tale which can be traced back to an 11th century Latin poem "Unibos".

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