Mr Fox

(complete tale, 10 min)

This powerful cautionary tale from England is known in different forms and in different countries - see the gypsy variant in English Folktales (Neil Philip, 1992) and "Old Foster" in The Second Viarago Book of Fairytales (Angela Carter, 1992).

I love the dramatic effect of telling it in performance.
This recording was made in Jan. 2015 in Bangalore, India.

Teaching activity

For an article on the methodology of using a story to initiate classroom discussion, see Discussing Mr Fox in Humanising Language Teaching (Year 4, Issue 4, July 2002).

A skeleton of the tale is here.

And here is an excellent account of the tale in English folk lore, including references to it in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing, Spencer's The Fairie Queen and the Civil War.

Article on horror in folk tales

Here is a short examination of the role of horror in traditional tales and the process of Disneyfication which has been going on for many years, taking that horror out: And they lived happily never after.


The video clips here are all amateur quality, shot in various theatres.
Their intention is just to show the range of my storytelling and give a flavour of a live performance.
Permission is granted for use in non-commercial educational contexts.
The videos are © Richard Martin.
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