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The stories I tell are very varied: trickster tales, fairy tales, wonder tales and jokes.
They are all traditional, and are drawn not only from Britain but many other lands.

A typical theatre performance will have eight to ten stories. They are chosen firstly for their ability to grasp an audience, and secondly to create a wide range of atmosphere within the programme. Above all, a performance is part of the ancient culture of the storyteller, the weaver of fantasy, the spell-binder.

Since most of my audience are not native speakers, the first time many of them come to a performance they naturally wonder whether their English will be good enough. But within a few minutes they find the age-old power of the storyteller has taken them into a world of imagination in which they understand far more than they thought possible.

With over 300 folk tales in my repertoire, the programme of stories is always changing. So if you have been to a performance before you will hear new stories - although if you are lucky you may perhaps hear one or two old favourites again.

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