Blue Rose

Chinese emperor wished his only princess to marry. She refused. At last she said she would only marry someone who could give her a blue rose.
A warrior, a merchant, a scholar set out to try.
Warrior invaded neighbouring land where rich king possessed famous blue jewel - sapphire. Held king to ransom for sapphire. Had this carved into a rose.
Merchant used all his money to have a blue rose made of finest porcelain.
Scholar discovered in old books a dye, put white rose into this and it turned blue.

And what happened next? Watch the video to find out how, at last, the princess managed to find her life's partner.

I heard this tale one night, told in German by Regina Haas-Sauer.
It is told by several American tellers and is certainly open to a variety of interpretations, from sentimental to feisty!

This recording was made at one of my favourite gigs, the annual performance at the Brüder Grimm Märchenfestspiele in Hanau, the town of their birth.
More tales recorded at that performance are available on the video gallery.


The video clips here are all amateur quality, shot in various theatres.
Their intention is just to show the range of my storytelling and give a flavour of a live performance.
Permission is granted for use in non-commercial educational contexts.
The videos are © Richard Martin.
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