Storytelling as a Means for Communication and Change

Part of a Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) programme: Sustainable Use of Rehabilitated Land for Economic Development in Ethiopia

(Further details to the background of this project)

The two-day workshop, which is central to this project, will not only focus on developing participants' communication skills, but also provide a number of traditional folk tales from around the world relating to topics which might be relevant when communicating with stakeholders.

My hope in publishing this page is to receive further suggestions for folk tales to add.
Please send by , stating Topic, Story and URL, or attach the story as a text.

A provisional index of 80 folk tales, listed by topic

Of course, many tales fit more than one topic

The entire Excel worksheet can be downloaded using the download button beneath the window.

View the index as a .pdf file.

Project background

The Sustainable Land Management Program (SLMP) is one of the Flagship programmes of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Ethiopian government. Figuring among its critical bilateral development partners, GIZ promotes reforms and processes of change. After 10 years of supporting the implementation of SLMP, GIZ's approach has now graduated from mere land rehabilitation to the economic development of said areas. GIZ-SURED, the Programme for Sustainable Use of Rehabilitated Land for Economic Development, operational since 2018, hereby faces the major task of communicating innovative ideas among potentially skeptical stakeholders. In an environment where output hinges on successful cooperation, creating a common understanding and vision with the partner is key.

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