Publications relating to storytelling (mainly in language teaching)

Below is a list of articles or webpages I have written, mostly relating to using storytelling in education

Articles relating to teenage and adult learners

Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling

El profesor de inglés como narrador: la narración como una actividad cotidiana en el aula
Written for Asociación de Profesionales de la Narración Oral en España (Nov. 2015)
Here is an English version: English teacher as storyteller: storytelling as an everyday classroom activity

Storytelling cards - something every teacher needs in their schoolbag

Sixty Seconds Non-Stop Talking - a versatile activity to start a class, generate vocabulary, reinforce grammar or even spontaneously develop an entire lesson

Kate Crackernuts - storytelling to practise free writing in an intermediate langauge class (includes an example of a written test)

Storytelling in the Classroom: Discussing Mr Fox
published in Humanising Language Teaching (July 2002)

Ein Storyteller erzählt um die Welt und auch an der EKS
A teacher's report about my visit to her school in Bergheim, December 2014

Authentic listening material in the foreign language classroom

Download my Language Check-List (pdf) to aid students in their free writing

Articles relating to young learners

Old Woman and her Pig
    published in Primary English (June 2006)

The Magic Mitten

    published in Primary English (Jan. 2005)

Telling A Christmas Carol

    published in Primary English (Nov. 2004)

Telling The Frightened Mouse as a participation story

    published in Primary English (Jan. 2003)

Finding stories on the internet

    published in Primary English (March 2005)

Articles and interviews on storytelling

A two-hour interview on Radio Darmstadt, together with teller and harper Peter Wucherpfennig

A report on the 24th Ljungby International Storytelling Festival, 2013

A review of In Arabian Nights: In search of Morocco through its stories and storytelling by Tahir Shah

A beginner's tale of organisation and art: How I became a storyteller


The Handbook of Teaching Ideas accompanies the tales on the cassette The Wife's Letter and other Tales

Articles written by others

The Web of Silence: Storytelling's Power to Hypnotize
Fran Stalling's article is not only a deep exploration of many aspects of the storytelling experience, including the storytelling trance, it also offers great insight into the art itself

Storytelling: A Non-literate Approach to Teaching Reading
Tim Jennings describes his experience teaching extremely difficult, illiterate teenagers in New York in the 1970s. Everyone who works in a classroom should read this.

"The Golden Arm": Collecting and Performing the Folktale
Tim Jennings' article shows how a master storteller handles the most difficult aspect of this classic tale

The Laos Experience: Stories are something to remember
Fabian Stober

The Laos Experience: English storytelling workshop
Jessica Porscha's (2017) blog of working in Sikud, Laos

Tales to wonder at: Ein Workshop beim Storyteller Richard Martin
An article in German from Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch (2013) on attending one of my teacher-training workshops

A socio-linguistic analysis of a performance
This is an academic article by Susan McCullough of my telling of The Blacksmith and the Devil

Found activities, ideas, suggestions, etc.
Ideas from others

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