RichardTales for the English Classroom

Tales for the English Classroom, vol. 1 (ISBN 3-19-012404-3)
The tales are:
  • Woman's Work (a tale from Norway)
  • The Tailor (a tale told in many countries)
  • The Pickpocket (a tale from England)
  • One Innocent Farmer (a tale from the Orient)
  • Aqiba's Daughter (a tale from Arabia)
  • Jack Turnip (a tale from England)
  • Death and the Gardener (a tale from Persia)
Tales for the English Classroom, vol. 2 (ISBN 3-19-022404-8)
The tales are:
  • Monkey Misery (a tale from Africa)
  • Mr Fox (a tale of horror from England)
  • Boo! (a tale from England)
  • The Story Everyone Believed (a tale of a storyteller)
  • Time and Shame (a fart story from the Thousand and One Nights)
  • Bishop Daley (a tale from Ireland)

In 1993 I recorded these two video tapes for Hueber Verlag, Munich, Germany.