The Well of the World's and other Tales

CD-Audio: 'Well of the World's End and other Tales' Stories to make you laugh, stories to move you with beauty and truth. You will listen again and again.

This 60-minute CD is a live recording of a performance at the Grimms' Fairy Tales Festival in Hanau, Germany.
The title story, The Well of the World's End, is a powerful English version of The Frog Prince.

The stories are:
  • The Blood-Covered Vampire
    - you can read the version one of my pupils wrote after hearing this
  • The First Key
    - a tale which shows why women smile more than men
  • Bishop Daley
    - probably the story I am most often asked to tell again; listen to it once and you will understand why
  • The Louse and the Flea
    - from the 2,000-year-old Hindu story collection The Panchatantra. Read the bare bones here
  • Death in the Nut
    - a powerful tale showing the place of death in the wider scheme of life
  • The Well of the World's End
    - read the story here