Jack goes Hunting and other Tales

CD-Audio: 'Jack goes Hunting and other Tales' Stories to make you laugh, stories to move you with beauty and truth. You will listen again and again.

Richard's style reminds me very much of a cross between Taffy Thomas and Richard Walker ... the stories are well told, the audience enjoys them and so did I. ...
Thanks Richard

Pete Castle's review in Facts & Fiction (Feb. 2004).

    Here are two clips from the ever-popular title tale. The first is the beginning of the story told in Göckelschen in Groß-Zimmern.
    (As you can hear, there were several English people in the audience, including one woman from Ascot).

    Here a clip from later in the tale, told years ago at Café Extra.


The video clips here are all amateur quality, shot in various theatres.
Their intention is just to show the range of my storytelling and give a flavour of a live performance.
Permission is granted for use in non-commercial educational contexts.
The videos are © Richard Martin.
Professionally recorded CDs and DVDs are available here.

Listen to clips of all the stories here:
  • LoudspeakerJack Goes Hunting (MP3, 1.16 MB)
    - a story which shows that a man can sometimes make his wife happy!
  • LoudspeakerJimmy No-Story (MP3, 0.8 MB)
    - a popular tale in Scotland and Ireland: it shows how important it is to have a story to tell
  • LoudspeakerThe Tailor and His Wife (MP3, 0.8 MB)
    - one of my most popular "adult" tales
  • LoudspeakerThe Wounded Selkie (MP3, 0.5 MB)
    - a beautiful Scottish tale of forgiveness. And you can see a video of another performance of The Wounded Selkie here.
  • LoudspeakerThe Silent Princess (MP3, 0.17 MB)
    - like many oriental stories, this has more tales embedded in it

The CD is a live recording of my performance at the Grimms' Fairy Tales Festival in Hanau, Germany.

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