This was a dead easy review to write. I only really needed to write one word - 'brilliant'!
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The Magic PisspotThe Magic Pisspot: Swedish folk tales

told by Per Gustavsson
illustrations by Kjell Sundberg
trans. by Richard Martin

ISBN 978-91-639-4763-6

Per and I are delighted to announce the publication of an English translation of Per's wonderful collection of tales (first published in Swedish in 2001).

View the tales in the book

Read a review by Csenge Zalka

Copies of the English translation can be ordered from

And here is the link for the German translation

Contents pageHere are the tales which are waiting for you in the book

The following tales, recorded in live performances, are here for you to watch:

I'll soon be adding more to the video gallery.

Even better,
come to hear more of the tales at
Ljungby International Storytelling Festival 14. - 17.06.2018.

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