Photos from a 25-hour block seminar at Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe, May and June 2008

Small group work
Participants were students studying to be teachers for various school forms and various subjects.

Paralanguage The longer course offered the opportunity for many different phases: here, small group work on a story ...

Action ... concentrating on paralanguage.

And the longer course offered sufficient time to try things at leisure - a rare opportunity in workshops!

Using story cards Small groups creating stories using story cards ...

Story cards ... a magical way of generating a story.

I often use different packs of these cards in school with a wide age range of students - who love the way these pictures stimulate their creative processes.
Similarly in workshops I always try to introduce participants to the story cards. They are invariably amazed at the power and effectiveness of the images.

Reflection Reflection.

Discovering talents together Discussing, creating, learning.

The magic of the storyteller And of course, experiencing the magic power of telling a story!

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