Telling and training in Estonia, September 2018

Storytelling opens the world in more ways than one, and opportunities to visit new countries are always welcome.
So when my elder son suggested I join him for a short trip in the care of fishing-guide Jarko Jaadla to Estonia, I was keen to explore the chance to meet local storytellers - and perhaps to tell a few tales myself.

Tallinn English College began my work ...

... telling stories to the students.

Later I told at a small school in Suure-Jaani, truly in the heart of rural Estonia.

This was followed by what was certainly the most heterogeneous teacher-training workshop I have ever experienced. Generously organised by Estonian storyteller Piret Päär at Männiku Metsatalu, hidden in the forest near Viljandi, a group of 24 teachers came for two days.

Some taught English, others Estonian, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian.

The variety definitely added to the experience for us all.

And part of it was my chance to sleep in a century-old log cabin!