Together wth VeraTales and Music

The power of tales is added to by the magic of Vera Spillner's music.

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Vera Below are a few photos of us performing together, beginning with a gig at the KulturScheuer in Egelsbach.

Vera is spellbinding on the violin.

Here she carries the audience into the performance with a beautiful Irish air.

Recorder She is also a virtuoso on a variety of recorders, the music ranging from light and charming to a deep intensity.

Vera listening to a favourite tale Here, performing at a private party - on a very warm summer's evening.

My chance to enjoy Vera's playing We each enjoy the other's performance ...

Together on stage ... as much as anyone else in the audience.

Sharing the applause Sharing the applause for the art which has united in the magic of Tales and Music.

Karin in the audience And to complete the evening, my wife was also in the audience!
Behind her is a six-year-old girl, just returned from six months in California: she was entranced throughout the entire two and a half hours of the performance.

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