Tales and Music

Most of my performing work is as a solo storyteller (the practicalities and logistics of touring make this a necessity). However, I have the occasional but very great pleasure of telling my tales together with a musician.
So if you would like to add the extra magic of music, there are three possibilities.

Tales and the Harp

Peter WucherpfenningPeter Wucherpfennig, a storyteller himself, plays Irish and Scottish airs on the Celtic harp.

Listen to Peter playing

Peter's website

Tales and Music

A performance of storytelling - framed with music played by Vera Spillner on recorders and violin.

Vera's website

Listen to some samples of Vera's music

Tales and the Tuba

Jon Sass

Storytelling with jazz tuba virtuoso Jon Sass

Unite the power of folk tales with the beauty and wit of Jon Sass on tuba - and the result is a performance which is truly memorable.

After performing together at the fabelhaft Niederösterreich festival, New York tuba soloist Jon Sass and I have together created a programme which travels around our world: rich tales and a rainbow of songs and sounds giving the audience an experience of an unforgettable journey.

It combines the intensity of playing by a solo performer with the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation.

A real treat for all ages!

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