RichardWant to organise a performance?

  • a full theatre programme
  • a performance for a school
    (watch me performing in school)
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  • entertainment for a business event
  • or just a couple of stories to complement a social occasion.
Or perhaps you are not yet certain what exactly you really need for the occasion you are planning.

Your needs are always specific to your stage and audience. Fortunately, storytelling is the ultimate flexible artform and a performance can always be created to give you what you require.

A solo Tellatale evening storytelling performance will typically consist of eight to ten tales, and last, with interval, around two hours. The first half largely comprises the comic tales, the second the deeper.

The choice of tales for any programme depends on your wishes, the tales I have recently added to my repertoire, as well as old favourites I wish to tell again. With several hundred tales in my backlist, there are always plenty to choose from.

If you want to add music

can be arranged.

Whatever your particular requirements are, I can offer a performance tailored to suit them at an appropriate price.

To discuss this further, or phone +49 (0) 6151 377 175.

Staging a performance

How best to create a performance space

Here are suggestions of how to optimise the storytelling space, as well as staging requirements.

Publicity materials

Publicity photos
A gallery of publicity photos available for you to download. If you wish to use any other photos from the website to publicise a performance, for the full-size images.

Download a publicity text

You are welcome to use these texts (Word.doc) to publicise a performance - perhaps for a flyer, a printed programme or to send to the local newspapers.
Feel free to modify the text to suit your needs.

Texts for Tellatale

Texts for Tales and Music

Warts and all
If you have not seen me perform, read this page. Then go to the video gallery to see what a performance is really like.

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You are a teacher? Read this: Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling

Want to record your own performances? Here are some suggestions