Partener workWorkshops for students:
English through storytelling

This workshop offers the chance for secondary students to improve their English by hearing Richard tell stories and learning to tell stories themselves.

During the workshop students:

  • hear tales to laugh at, tales to wonder at — and perhaps to make their blood run cold
  • learn and practise practical storytelling skills — excellent training for presentations
  • take part in speaking and writing activities generated by the stories

The length of these workshops can vary between half a day and three days.
This, like the content, is always tailored to the requirements of the individual group and the school.

So me to discuss your exact needs.

Studentsí comments:

  • I love your stories. Thanks for coming.
  • I want to hear more stories.
  • Itís great Ė now I can tell a story!

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More photos of a three-day workshop with students at St. Paul's School (Lam Tin), Hong Kong, Feb. 2008

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