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Communication skills

Communication skills are essential in order to perform well not only in presentations and interviews but also in the wider world of studying and work.
Unfortunately years of being in school has often blunted the sensitivity students need to utilise these skills in the adult world which is approaching them.

This workshop offers the chance for secondary students to:
  • develop an awareness of their personal communication skills
  • develop an awareness of paralanguage
  • analyse demonstrations of good and bad examples
  • practise in single and group interview simulations
  • receive feedback
The workshop uses traditional folk tales as materials but this is not primarily a workshop on storytelling.
Rather, the work is directed at implementing the skills learnt for the situations of adult working life.

The length of these workshops can vary but they should be at least four lessons, and preferably longer.

The workshop matierals and my imput is normally in English but participants may use which language they wish.
So me to discuss your exact needs.

Studentsí comments:

  • I've learnt new things today.
  • I've taken away a lot that will be useful for me.

Corporate world: a communication skills workshop

A modified form of this workshop is highly suitable for businesses and institutions

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