The Blood-Covered Vampire

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    A simple little story with a twist at the end.

The following text and picture were created some years ago by two of my 11-year-old pupils in school after hearing the story:

The vampire went home to his castle at night. He came through the window. In the room there were a lot of vampires.

They saw the blood on his face and they asked: "Where did you find the blood?" He answered: "I can't tell you - it's too embarrassing!" The other vampires said: "Please, tell us!" The vampire said: "Ok, follow me!"

He flew into the dark night. Suddenly there was a big dark tower. The vampire asked: "Do you see the tower?"
The other vampires answered: "Yes, we do."

The tower the vampire didn't see
"Well - I didn't!"

Written by Johannes Peters (class 6b, Edith-Stein-Schule, Darmstadt) after hearing it from me.
Picture by Toni Engelhardt.

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