Interviews - a few additional tips

Below are a number of tips given by HR experts about what can influence the interviewer:

  • A good covering letter.
    This is the first thing about you which will be seen and it must be flawless.
    Print it out and check it. Then check it again.
    Then ask someone else to check it.
    If the potential interviewer notices anything wrong, it will go straight into the bin - and your chance with it.
    So before you send your application - read it all again!
  • Research the institution or company you are applying to.
    Ensure your application reflects the knowledge you have about what they are doing which other places do not.
  • Re-work each application individually.
    Rather than simply re-using previous covering letters and CVs, re-write each time, ensuring you remove material which is no longer relevant.
  • A good photo.
    Pay for the services of a good professional. Explain what sort of application this is to accompany and listen to advice offered.
  • If at all possible, visit the institution or company before your interview (most HR departments will happily arrange this).
    Check out the appropriate dress code and let that guide your choice for the interview: too smart as well as too casual will count against you.
  • Do not wear new clothes.
    If you need to buy anything for an interview, do so beforehand and get used to wearing it. Clothes which look uncomfortable or unaccustomed will be noted negatively.
  • Feedback.
    After your interview, mail the HR department and ask if they can give you some feedback about your application/interview performance. Most are happy to do this and it is invaluable for you to improve the next time.

To be succeed in being invited for an interview, your CV and covering letter must be of a high standard.

But to achieve success, work is essential: a practice application.

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