Practice: writing a job application

In the world after school, you will increasingly need to write applications for places to study and for jobs.
Normally an application will consist of a CV and a covering letter.

Knowing how to write these is crucial to success.
And practice is the key.

The situation

Project yourself into the future - you are in your mid-20s.
You have finished your first degree at university (probably a BA or BSc). Perhaps you have also finished a Masters degree or have worked for one or two years.
You now want to apply for a new job or for a post as a doctoral student.
Be optimistic about what you have done in your life - but also realistic.

The job advert

Your first task (today, still as a teenager) is to decide what sort of job or university course you would realistically be applying for in your mid-20s.
Write a short advertisement, showing the company and a job/study description.

The task: writing an application

Using the links on the How to write a CV, How to write a personal statement and How to write a covering letter pages, and using the details of your imaginary career between now and your mid-20s, write an application.
Success with your application means an interview.
This can be role-played in class.

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