Yashpheh (Jasper) is a database that contains folktales from all over the world.

The originator, folklorist Yoel Perez, Director of the Center of Folktales and Folklore, welcomes co-operation in this massive task. His target is a million stories from around the world and the intention is to include more languages French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian and then to Hebrew and Arabic.
Yoel writes:

    It is not a mission for one man. I need your help.
    If you like the idea, you can help me in many ways:
    First of all: send me addresses of websites that contain folktales collections which are in the public domain and can be copied to the database (either HTML or plain editable texts. I can also deal with PDF files).
    If you want to do more than that please write me for additional directions. I need help specially in preparing such collections for the passing to the database it takes about 2-3 work hours to prepare one book and if some of you help it will develop rapidly.
To take part, contact Yoel.

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Go here for a list of all tales included on this site

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