RichardA Handbook of Teaching Ideas

to accompany the tales on the cassette The Wife's Letter and other Tales
    The activities are:
  • Reason to Beat your Wife
  • Pre-listening partner work: The secret of a happy marriage
    Post-listening role play
    Hot-seat discussion: This story should not be told
  • The Leprechaun and the Red Scarf
  • Pre-listening small group / milling work: magical creatures
    Post-listening: 1st & 2nd conditional
  • The Wife's Letter
  • Pre-listening small group work: cut-up story
    Post-listening discussion: he war of the sexes
  • The Miller and the Professor
  • Small group work: using a skeleton to prepare to tell a story
    Partner work: telling the story
    Voice and body-language
  • Rabbit and the Moon
  • Pre-listening small group work: prediction about the story
    vocabulary activity
    Listening: skeleton writing
    Post-listening: using the skeleton
  • Old Woman and her Pig
  • Pre-listening: pronunciation activity
    Post-listening: Last-Line Race
  • Prayer the Gods Answered
  • Pre-listening: prediction exercise
    Post-listening discussion: Can this be a religious story with such an ending?

From the Introduction to A Handbook of Teaching Ideas
  • Why use these tales for English teaching?

  • These tales provide an opportunity for your students to be totally immersed in a wave of language. Sounds frightening, doesn't it?
    But the amazing thing is that students quickly find that instead of drowning, they are swimming. They are no longer working through a language exercise, they are enjoying taking part in real communication. An experience which is, for many, genuinely liberating.
Further topics considered are:
  • What these tales are
  • Who the tales are for
  • The aim of this cassette and handbook
  • How to use them
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