RichardFound activities, ideas, suggestions, etc.

Below are just a few of the useful suggestions I have collected over the years from the Storytell listserv. They are published here with the writers' kind permission.

A further collection of my own activities is on the Articles on storytelling page.

Why storytelling is important (© Kimberley King)

The Stage Fright FAQ

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
An excellent TED Talk video showing how body language affects not only the way others see us, but also the way we perceive ourselves

Eye contact (© Sean Buvala)
A useful compendium of points to remember.
I would add that eye contact should always give the impression you are looking at someone in the audience, not looking for something in the room.

STORYTELLING: A Non-literate Approach to Teaching Reading
An article by Tim Jennings

Unfortunately, Fortunately - a storytelling game described by Tim Sheppard

Not an activity, and not from 'Storytell' - but worth reading:
Using Fables and Fairytales with Older Children
(Tania Horak, Pedagogical Faculty, Plzen, Poland)

Voice care (© Faye)

Alexander Technique

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