The Well of the World's End and other Tales

CD-Audio: 'Well of the World's End and other Tales' Congratulations! You have arrived at the page to download the stories on the CD, stories to make you laugh, stories to move you with beauty and truth.
The title story, The Well of the World's End, is a powerful English version of The Frog Prince.

This 60-minute CD is a live recording of a performance at the Grimms' Fairy Tales Festival in Hanau, Germany.

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Enjoy the tales!

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The stories are:

  • The Blood-Covered Vampire
    - you can read the version one of my students wrote after hearing this
  • The First Key
    - a tale which shows why women smile more than men
  • Bishop Daley
    - probably the story I am most often asked to tell again; listen to it once and you will understand why!
  • The Louse and the Flea
    - from the 2,000-year-old Hindu story collection The Panchatantra - read the bare bones here
  • Death in the Nut
    - a powerful tale showing the place of death in the wider scheme of life
  • The Well of the World's End
    - read the story here

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