H.C. Andersen Storytelling Festival 2015

Storytellers at lunch Appropriately a storytelling festival is one of the many ways which the charming city of Odense celebrates its most famous son.
For several years this has been organised by the indefatigable Lise Marie Nedergaard of The Tinderbox, part of the H.C. Andersen museum.
This year it was a privilege to share the stage with Danish teller Vigga Bro, Niall de Burca from Ireland, Ragnhild A. Mørch from Germany/Norway and Laura Simms from the USA. As always, a delight to observe such a variety of styles of storytelling.

The lunch photo of Ragnhild (l.), Lise Marie (c.) and Laura (wearing my hat) reflects the mixture of deep conversation and food and drink which is an essential part of all the best festivals!

Museum The H.C. Andersen Museum, set by a lake in the centre of town, houses one of the major exhibitions of the writer and his time.

Workhouse The city's many half-timbered buildings now make a picturesque impression, but their function in the 19th century recalls the harsh social and economic conditions which left such a mark on the young boy. Here was the workhouse, for Andersen a site of poverty and ignominy: understandably part of the 14-year-old's determination to leave.

Street Today the city's charm makes it a delightful place to wander, just one more aspect of this lovely festival.