Creating the space for a performance or a workshop

Classroom As a storyteller, of course I am able to tell in all sorts of situations. Nonetheless, it is often easy to change things to make a space more inviting for the audience as they arrive. And that will increase their listening pleasure.

This is especially true when performing in schools.
The picture shows a typical classroom.

Backdrop I bring a silk backdrop with me. This already makes a difference.

There is usually something or other from which to hang it.
If not, it can be taped to walls or the ceiling.

Performance area The performing space now focuses the listeners on the performance by making it different to the usual school atmosphere.

Real school performances

Telling "Jack goes hunting" to a class of 17-year-olds at a Bavarian Gymnasium.
(One of six 45-minute performances I did that morning - and I still enjoyed leading the teacher-training workshop in the afternoon!)

Read a teacher's report about another performance for younger children at a Hauptschule in Bergheim

Staging requirements

Here are further suggestions as a downloadable pdf.

If you have any questions about how to improve the space you have available, just .