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The stories Richard Martin tells are the folk tales which have been told for hundreds, indeed thousands, of years. With over 300 stories in his repertoire, they reflect the full range of human experience: the comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine.
Far from being for little children (although I do tell for children, too), these powerful and deep tales offer unforgettable listening for adults.

If you like theatre, you'll definitely love storytelling. It combines the intensity of a play by a solo performer with the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation.

Richard tells stories throughout Europe and as far away as India, Singapore, Hong Kong and America - in theatres, universities, schools, for corporate events or private parties.
He usually tells in English, although having lived in Germany since 1976, he is sometimes asked to tell in German.

Explore the website for tales, for information about performances and workshops — and for much, much more.

A new addition to the video gallery (added 28.05.17)
King Olaf's Master Builder
Building a church with demonic help.

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Watch (6 min.) one of Richard's most popular tales, Reason to Beat your Wife, a story in which one person really does know the secret of how to have a happy marriage.

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